November 16, 2017

We couldn’t have asked for a more auspicious start for Radiant Roots. Many months back, Michelle invited me to attend a Sustainable Business Council awards event in Los Angeles with her, knowing it would be right up my alley. As it came closer to the day of the event, we had just created our business idea and were even more excited to check out the most successful sustainable business models. I mentioned to Michelle in the car ride over that I was creating the space to find our first sustainable beauty partner; lo and behold, out of only 15 companies featured, we spotted Zatik’s booth through the crowd.

Beaming smiles and products in hand, we approached four women, one of whom was Ovsanna, the founder of Zatik- a raw botanical beauty company started by a her and her husband. As we got to chatting, we casually mentioned to her that we were starting an online marketplace for sustainable beauty and Ovsanna graciously agreed to be our very first interview. Fast forward a week, and there Michelle and I are pulling up to Zatik’s headquarters in Glendale, California with butterflies in our stomachs. We were both nervous yet excited, but felt right at home as soon as we walked through Zatik’s doors. Ovsanna and her husband gave us an incredible tour of their space, where literally all steps of production happen: from chemistry, to design, to packaging, you name it. It was fascinating learning about the detail and care that goes into each one of their products. Ovsanna walked us through how her husband extracts scents directly from flowers to how they developed the perfect sunscreen.

I truly believe that no other business could have set our bar higher than Zatik. This is a passion project driven by a family who loves this planet and wants to create a healthier world for their kids. They use nutrient dense, food grade ingredients. They have micromanaged their sustainability to every detail. Their labels are biodegradable. They pushed themselves to be Oregon Tilth certified (a very tedious process might I add). They locally source everything and support other small businesses. All of their products are vegan, cruelty-free, organic, and botanical-based…too much goodness for one business!

If I had to describe Zatik in one word, it would be authentic. Osvanna doesn’t just call her products “natural” to see more sales. She is fighting for something she believes in. When we asked her how this all became a reality for a businesswoman and her chemist husband, she replied that it was out of personal need; she hated how skincare and beauty products would feel on her skin and how they were polluting the earth. Seeing her kids, she decided she wanted to be an authentic role model for them and not just another corporate worker. And although they don’t quite understand the good their mommy is doing for the planet yet, one day I bet they’ll be pretty proud.

Michelle and I left Zatik feeling blessed beyond words. The cosmos showered us with abundance: an incredible first partnership, new friends, and bags full of products Ovsanna had generously gifted us to try (and you MUST try their toner!). Radiant Roots couldn’t have taken off without all the synchronicities that lead us to Zatik, the very first step in creating this global marketplace. I will always look back on this experience with so much gratitude in my heart.

Please support Ovsanna and her husband by purchasing their products HERE. You won’t regret it!