November 16, 2017

I am so excited to introduce Sonya Funaro today. Born and raised in Juneau, Alaska, Sonya has always been drawn to plant energy. She studied ethno-botany in college, discovering how people have used plants culturally over generations throughout history. Her passion for studying integrative healing systems and plant medicine has lead her to starting her own company and line of handmade products, Just Botanicals. To listen to the full podcast, view the link below.

In this podcast interview, Sonya tells us her story and shares about the powers of her ethically-sourced, plant-based products. She introduces us to the term “vibrant-aging” and how her essential oil-based products stimulate skin rejuvenation. Sonya discusses both the emotional and spiritual sides of essential oils, as well as the physical powers, and how she has created a range of products that have a holistically balancing effect. Neroli, one of her main ingredients, is both grounding and uplifting, and has helped her connect both her physical and spiritual nature simultaneously.

Tune in as she explains to us her morning and nightly routines and what products she uses herself. She shares how to apply her botanical products to your skin, with a reminder that a little bit goes a long way because these oils are power-packed!

Her “moisturizers” are actually oil treatments that moisturize and heal the skin, but they might be different than you expect because they are actually essential oil-based, so they don’t have a lotion or cream-based consistency. It’s easy to get used to and I have come to prefer this because her products are “skin food” and deliver potent ingredients in a completely different way into your body’s largest organ!

Sonya tells us about her giving back program, and her mission of cultivating beauty through knowledge and social responsibility. She has used plant medicines to break through her own insecurities and is determined to educate young women about how to take care of their skin, to help them heal from the inside out. She is working with schools and juvenile centers to show girls the power of plant-based skin care and teach them how to make their own skin care products, which gives them a skill to engage their confidence.

Sonya pours her heart into her products are we are so excited for you to be able to try them for yourselves, right here on Radiant Roots. Purchase her products today right here.