December 01, 2017

The billion-dollar natural skin care movement is booming. With more people looking to get away from chemicals to find that natural skin care actually works better, there is no wonder why Forbes is calling itthe next big industry.

Natural products have been used for centuries. They’re expensive to create, but the benefits outweigh the risks which have been tied to cancers, eczema and pollution. Natural products are usually found in extracts of plants or herbs, creating a serum, foam or moisturizer to use on skin, hair, teeth and cuticles.

And why not use them? These natural products are so important because the skin is the largest organ of your body. According to theAmerican Journal of Public Health, skin absorbs an average of 64 percent of fluids that come in contact with it! Not only does using organic skin care help you and the environment in the long run, it will actually reduce irritation from non-organic skin care products.

Organic skin care is like food for your skin. To nourish it with healthy ingredients is like nourishing your body with healthy food. While skin care wasn’t exactly the fad it is now, history tells us men and women used ingrediants suchs cocao, coconut oil and turmeric for skin beautifying purposes.

For example, in India it is a special ritual to use turmeric as a face wash before a wedding to make skin glow and shine. Native Hawaiians and polynesians have been using every part of the coconut for lotion, hair and healthy digestion. In North America, Native Americans use herbs such as lavender and peppermint to cure eczema or dandruff from dry and harsh winter conditions.

Cosmetic-lovers who live in the United States should be especially wary of their products. According, the European Union has banned 1,328 chemicals in the cosmetic industry, while the United States has only banned 11 chemicals in the cosmetic industry. Yep, you heard that right. That alone can create unwanted toxins on skin, hair and in our bodies. Ingredients such as food coloring (blue 1, blue 2, yellow 5) have been banned in Europe and instead saffron or turmeric is used to naturally dye foods which also give major health properties to food, instead of the reverse effect.  

On top of safety, it’s important to choose natural products for our hair and skin because not being able to read the ingredient label in drugstores can naturally worries us. Synthetic ingredients can be toxic to your insides so we choose to stay away from them.