Radiant Roots is an online retailer which sells only the most natural and cruelty-free hair, skin, bath & body, and aromatherapy products found all over the world.

When Radiant Roots founder Michelle Wolzinger was on a trip in Australia in December 2016, she found herself frequenting several farmers markets which sold natural cosmetics that she fell in love with. Michelle started to take her new cosmetics home to California but wished she could have a website where she could order more. When she graduated from the University of Southern California in Entrepreneurship, she decided to take her idea full time and build a website solely for natural products. Michelle launched Radiant Roots in September 2017.

According to SafeCosmetics.org, the European Union has banned 1,328 chemicals in the cosmetic industry, while the United States has only banned 11 chemicals in the cosmetic industry. Yep, you heard that right. That alone has us worried about what we put on our skin and in our hair. On top of safety, we choose natural products because not being able to read the ingredient label in drugstores worries us. Synthetic ingredients can be toxic to your insides so we choose to stay away from them.

If you’d like to know more about toxic chemicals Radiant Roots likes to stay away from and natural ingredients we love soaking up, you can visit our blog post on ingredients & benefits.

Using natural skin care is important because the skin is the largest organ of your body. And according to the American Journal of Public Health, it absorbs an average of 64 percent of fluids that come in contact with it! Not only does using natural skin care help you and the environment in the long run, it will actually reduce irritation from non-natural skin care products.

Natural skin care is like food for your skin. To nourish it with healthy ingredients is like nourishing your body with healthy food. While traditional skin care wasn’t exactly the fad is now, history tells us men and women used ingrediants suchs cocao, coconut oil and tumeric for skin beautifying purposes. If you’d like to learn more about why you should use natural and natural skin care, you can visit our blog post.

Cruelty-free beauty products means that no living being was harmed or tested on in the creation of the beauty product. If you have to test your product on animals for safety, we don’t believe it should be used on our skin as well.

Radiant Roots is all about the holistic wellness movement and along with natural and cruelty-free products, we like to partner with sellers who use recycled packaging and are conscious about their product waste. While not all products on Radiant Roots are “green products,” brands do get brownie points for being green. You can make sure a product is green under the description on each product.

To be Radiant Roots approved, a product must be safe, effective, and high-quality. We research and check each ingredient to ensure safety for your skin. Our team then tests each product to ensure quality. Our founder, Michelle, personally tests every product, too. We wouldn't put anything on our website that we wouldn't use ourselves! Once we have tested for effectiveness, we discuss ethical sourcing and environmental sustainability with each brand to ensure they would be a good fit for our high standards. Each product must be cruelty-free, vegetarian, and responsibly sourced. We also happily support 100% women-owned businesses! All of our brand partners are female-founded. Go girl bosses! We do our due diligence to ensure that you have access to the best natural products on the market, here on Radiant Roots.

We love discovering new natural beauty products! To feature your product on Radiant Roots, feel free to email us at team@radiantroots.co.