While almond oil can be expensive, it is extremely beneficial to the skin. As a superfood, the oil can strengthen skin, seal in moisture and perfect hair to its finest quality.

Fresh aloe is extremely easy to obtain and the benefits are forever ten-fold. An aloe plant is easy to grow and to gain benefits is just to cut off a leaf and rub it on your skin. The sticky substance contains two hormones called auxin and gibberellins. These hormones stimulate growth of new cells making it the perfect plant to keep in your living room in case of burns, acne or just a simple face mask.

Apricot kernel oil is high in fatty acids like oleic and linoleic acid. The oil which is extracted from the fruit is also extremely high in vitamin A, which is the main vitamin for your skin, hair and complexion.

Because if it’s natural salicin content, Aspen Bark gives you a soothing feeling and can make skin soft to the touch.

Bentonite clay is known as the “healing clay.” The soft substance which hardens on your skin can extract pores and lightens the acne marks on your face. Also known as Montmorillonite, the substance is made from volcanic ash found in Wyoming.

Bergamot is famously added to black tea for a refreshing twist, however, using bergamont on your skin can cleanse it from unneeded oils, can relieve tension from the face muscles and the scent has been proven to cure depression and anxiety.

Castor seed oil is not widely known, however, the ricinoleic acid found in the oil is a great acne fighter. The ayurvedic oil boosts white blood cells to fight infection and boost circulation.

Just like drinking chamomile tea can comfort your stomach in time of need, chamomile in skin care can comfort and soothe while maintaining your skin condition. It can help with skin lightening and blemishes.

Charcoal is the new black. From face masks to peels and teeth cleansing, charcoal is all the rage lately. Activated charcoal can draw out bacteria, chemicals and dirt from under the skin and achieve beautiful and flawless complexion.

Coconut oil is a natural antibacterial, antifungal moisturizer. The oil is solid at a cold temperature but becomes liquid when warmed in between the hands. The deep conditioner can help with anything from shaving to hair cream to makeup remover. Coconut oil has been used in the tropics for decades but it has also been said the oil can help with atopic dermatitis.

Cucumber has hydrating, nourishing and astringent properties. It is said to be rich in Vitamins A and C making it an effective antioxidant. When used in skin care formulations, cucumber seed extract can assist with skin regeneration and be used to combat fine lines and wrinkles, leaving the skin feeling soft, smooth and radiant.

Eucalyptus is known as an antiseptic and a remedy agent. It’s used to treat skin sensitivities and insect bites. The extract relaxes muscles and can be used on hair to stimulate follicles.

Eyebright is a plant which grows above the ground like chamomile. It has been used for centuries in natural care and ingested to reduce puffiness. It can also be dropped directly into the eye to reduce redness and visually brighten the eyes.

If you find yourself around pollutants, extra virgin olive oil is for you. Full of Vitamin A and E, Olive Oil is perfect for cleansing from sun exposure, cigarette smoke and pollutants.

This essential oil is powerful in a few drops. Found in the sap of a Boswellia tree in Yemen, Somalia and Ethiopia, Frankincense has soothing and relaxing properties while promoting facial skin cell rejuvenation by improving blood. It is most powerful by fighting acne and blemishes.

This yummy smelling oil has a properties that could be harmful when put under the sun. But used carefully, the oil can reduce depression and remove toxins from the skin.

Green tea is known as a super food for skin. Not only does it reduce inflammation and acts as natural skin healing agent, it’s filled with phytonutrients, amino acids, B vitamins, folate, magnesium and potassium. The natural caffeine helps promote growth and fights beauty signs of aging.

Like Aloe, jojoba can also treat burns, but unlike aloe, the oil is best for chapped lips and dry cuticles. It controls dandruff and hair loss for a perfect all-around beauty food medicine.

Lavender is a perfect (and great smelling!) flower to help prevent wrinkles and psoriasis. When it’s mixed with chamomile can help with eczema. It blends excellent with other oils and is a perfect relaxer.

Lemon is a perfect addition to your hair regimen. It is an antibacterial which also works as a natural hair lightener if added to your hair. Not only does it smell good, it also feels refreshing when you use it.

Marigold is a renowned natural hair brightener and white nettle, which works to improve hair color and condition.

Menthol provides a cooling sensation on application, absorbs quickly and is highly effective in reducing puffiness.

Like Shea butter, natural vegetable glycerine is a humectant which attracts moisture to the skin, allowing it to remain hydrated and soft. It’s a cleanser, toner and controls oil.

Oranges are stock full of vitamin C and is a great addition to any skin regimen. It can help muscle spasm and cramps when applied topically. It also is found to help secretion of glands to help regulate hormones and enzymes.

Papaya is rich in vitamins, enzymes and minerals like vitamin E. It’s known to help with hair growth and prevent balding. Eating and using the fruit on your skin can help prevent and get rid of dandruff.

If you’re suffering from redness, peppermint is the easiest and most effective way to cool your face down. The main component, menthol, gives an instant boost upon contact and can have you feeling refreshed and squeaky clean within seconds!

Not only can Rose help treat anxiety and depression, it’s found as a purifying and calming for skin and body. Rose is usually found in facial mists but can also be used in face masks and face washes to brighten skin.

Rose water is becoming extremely popular for face mists and toners. Rose extract is made by concentrating boiling rose petals and rose water is the diluted version of that. It’s the perfect calming mist to spray on a long day. It cleanses and relaxes the face completely.

Although rosemary is usually thought as a fragrant stem to add to your baked chicken recipes, rosemary  extract works wonders to your skin as well. The extract can help protect skin cells from free radicals caused by sun damage. If you see any gray hairs coming through -- think rosemary! It is often seen as an ingredient to reverse the grays.

Saffron is the most underrated natural beauty enhancer. The deep red strings come in different variety but each are rich in manganese which help formulate bones and tissues. Above many things, saffron helps with arthritis, heals wounds, creates luminous skin and prevents hair loss.

Sandalwood is mostly known as a fragrance used in candles or fragrances. The extract that is found in the Hawaiian Islands has the most health benefits but is generally expensive. Sandalwood used as fragrance usually comes from Australia. The oil induces relaxation and helps soothe the skin and acne scars.

Seaweed is another superfood rich in proteins and minerals to help reduce sensitivity. Seaweed is found in the ocean where it’s high in iodine. It can help reduce the feeling of sluggishness and promote blood circulation.

Shea butter comes from the fruit of the karite tree and works to prevent moisture loss from the skin. It’s also proven to reduce inflammation due to it’s cinnamic acid. Shea also aids in collagen production in the skin.

While sugar has a bad rep with your gut, the natural and organic grainy substance works wonders for the skin and hair. It holds in moisture, making it great for hair products. When used on the skin, it can be used as a gentle skin scrub.

If you’ve found yourself suffering from any type of eczema, Sunflower extract and oil is for you! The oil is high in vitamin A, E and D, making it the perfect combination for topical skin use and hair.

Tea tree is a harsher oil which should be used in small quantities. It’s great to kill harsh skin conditions like dandruff, ringworm and fungal infections. It’s great to use on teeth to kill plaque, cure cold sores and bad breath.

Turmeric is a superfood which is just starting to become popular. The strong yellow powder comes from a root vegetable. When ingested, it can help arthritis and inflammation in the joints. The powder is also famously used for glowing skin in India. The powder stains, so be careful with it.

This is a natural exfoliating agent which helps rid the skin of dead cells allowing new, rejuvenated skin to surface.

Due to the tannins present in the white willow bark, the extract is extremely useful for toning and inflammation and also reducing redness in the skin. The tannins present are similar to what is found in green tea. White willow also contains salicylic acid which helps exfoliate the skin.

Witch Hazel is extracted by the witch hazel plant and added into skin care as it promotes anti-inflammatory properties help to reduce puffiness and acne.